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Keith is one of the few people Iíve met in my career who can truly transform. Whether it is an individual or a entire company Keith has a unique ability to bring change and transformation. Keith has all of the prerequisite experiences and education but what makes him uniquely different and effective is his drive to find a positive path and then lead others on the journey using his story telling gifts. You donít have to be around Keith very long before he will have you wrapped up in one of his stories and begin projecting you into some future place that is better. Then, what will blow you away, is that Keith will take the time to help you get to that place. You really canít fake the genuine nature of a Keith Pigues.

Jerry D. Alderman
Founder and CEO


Your brand is your promiseĒ. Thatís the way the conversation started with Keith when I told him we were struggling with our brand. We are a healthy company with the good fortune of growth but the company was changing. We struggled with market position and branding. Our concern was the confusion that a change may create with our customers and staff. During that conversation Keith offered to help. What started as a conversation focused on branding scenarios, quickly became a full discussion of our vision and values. Keith has a way of conveying important concepts in the most practical terms. He is a valued advisor to our executive team and always provides solid insights to a broad array of business problems and opportunities.

David Pitts
Founder and CEO
Classic Graphics


Keith's words and strategies guide my daily decisions and strategic work as I move our organization forward. I would equate Keith's professional guidance and quotable phrases as inspirational encouragement for a mountain climber or a personal trainer working with a marathon runner. My business direction is clearer and my professional mile markers more defined because of my work with Keith.

Meg Thomas
Former Head of School
Montessori School of Raleigh