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Leading by example is often stated, but in my experience very few leaders are consistent in implementing such an important rule. Keith is truly one of the few who practices what he preaches and has shown me how to use my talents and gifts to become a remarkable leader. Keith has not only been a fantastic career coach, but he's helped me maneuver through intense moments in my career and life changing decisions that has set me on a path to achieving greater success . Keith's coaching goes beyond just mentorship and development. He is always available ensuring that he is accountable to not only your success, but growth as a person with purpose and intentionality. One of the most invaluable aspects to Keith's approach is his ability to help you create a purpose statement where you realize your strengths, gifts, and talents and carefully avoid adding anything to your plate that is not directly aligned to your purpose. As a result of his plan, I've been able to strategically find opportunities and gain champions that support my vision. I've also passed on high profile jobs based on my new intentional decision making. I've learned the value of my talent and purpose, which no one can deny is priceless.

Nicole Allen
Leader in Education and Mentor to Girls in STEM


Keith's insight and encouragement have given me the space to clearly see how my life purpose statement shows up in all of the aspects of my life. His perspective "ignore the venue" has served as a metaphorical north star, keeping me ever focused on whom I'm serving and not how I am serving them. Making that mental shift has given me the clarity to focus on using my gifts and talents in a way that heals people irrespective of it being professional or personal. Having Keith as a mentor has helped me see that a life fulfilled is rooted in faith and wrapped in joy. The kind of simple faith that lets me know that where I am is where I'm supposed to be and the kind of joy that is simply unspeakable.

Olalah Njenga
CEO, YellowWood Group
and Forbes.com Braintrust Contributor & Marketing Strategist


I had a wonderful experience at Kenan-Flagler Business School and much of my experience was shaped by my relationship with Keith. I was fortunate to work with Keith first as a leadership mentor in my role as class president and second as an executive coach. As I develop my skills as a leader, Keith's approach to finding your strengths and passions before determining how to use them has helped me find greater joy in both work and life. Through his mentorship, I found a path that has paid immediate dividends of fulfillment now, and has set me up to continue developing my gifts for greater fulfillment in the future.

Mark Flickinger
Management Consultant
and Former UNC Kenan-Flagler MBA Student Association President


I'm so fortunate to have met Keith in 2008 during a business school event at UNC Kenan-Flagler where he served as the keynote speaker for a graduate student luncheon. His talk to a room full of bright-eyed prospective MBA students and soon to be graduates resonated with PASSION, VISION and INTEGRITY. I would soon learn that these values were not on display simply for a keynote address but, serve as the very foundation for Keith's leadership. What a pleasant surprise.

Keith's coaching has been invaluable to me as I seek to learn, develop and grow as a leader myself. I am motivated, now more than ever, to reach high and dream BIG. His genuine interests in helping me define a life mission that uncovers and crystallizes my gifts and talents have been both refreshing, as well as enlightening. Simply put, Keith's guidance has increased my confidence and commitment to be extraordinary. John Quincy Adams once said, "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, become more, you are a leader."

Given that definition of leadership, Keith is truly one of the most inspiring and gifted leaders I've had the pleasure to meet. I'm thankful for his mentorship and dedicated to paying it forward.

Megan Godley
Marketing and Innovation Leader
Consumer Products


Keith has provided me with continuous coaching, mentoring and career guidance over the past ten years. He has a unique ability to get people "unstuck" and back on track toward their overall life goals. I have made several tough decisions in my career regarding industry, relocation and work/life balance issues. Through these periods, Keith was always available and patient while guiding me to make these decisions with confidence and no regrets. I would strongly recommend Keith's coaching program without reservation.

Krista Shepard
Vice President
Corporate Communication


Working with Keith greatly enhanced my transition from working the process of marketing, to understanding the critical analysis and steps involved in the marketing process and the steps to achieve remarkable and sustainable business results. My career success in fixing and growing a revenue and income stream has been significantly accelerated as a result of working with Keith, both on a professional level and on a personal level. I would strongly recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to interact and learn from Keithís expertise and unique insight to making the marketing process be the high impact and business leading process, which is vital to business success, be sure to do so.

Ken Anderson
Chief Operating Officer


Keith has been a profoundly generous mentor; he has had a lot of faith in me and shared his deep and wise perspective on life, inspiring me to design a life for myself that makes me truly happy. Keith has supported me through my development professionally and personally, offering key advice; ultimately it has been his confidence in me that has led me to make key choices as far as taking the next step, challenging the status quo, and creating opportunities for myself. As a result, I am a much stronger and confident human being today, with an international bi-lingual MBA, entrepreneurship experience, and am living a life that reflects the values I uphold dearly.

Bee-lee See
Strategic Planning
Construction Materials


I had the good fortune to meet Keith Pigues through an intensive leadership course I took at UNC's Kenan-Flagler Business School. Keith served as my coach and consistently offered meaningful feedback -- both positive and constructive. He offered insights into my motivation and personality that few others (sometimes, including myself!) have observed. I recall one particular exchange where Keith explained, "To develop self awareness, you must practice leading with as many mirrors as there are windows." Now facing a new and challenging work environment, I try to surround myself with lots of mirrors to continue refining the self-awareness that Keith helped me develop.

Sara West
Community Banking


Keith Pigues exemplifies the definition of Leadership, through his relentless hard work, dedication, commitment and number one goal of leveraging his experience and expertise in order to be of service to others achieving their greatness.

Sheryl Grant
Sales Executive and Motivational Speaker


I have Keith to thank for changing the way I look at branding, team building, authentic leadership, and a balance of professional and personal life. His genuine focus on friendship, strategic thinking, and empowerment is inspiring and contagious. Keith has a unique talent for bringing diverse talents together and motivating a collaborative and rewarding effort. It was his introduction and coaching of the Value Based Market Approach (VBMA) that has enhanced my strategic approach to marketing and communications.

Jeff McCullough
Director of Development
World Golf Hall of Fame


Iíve had many mentors in my professional career but none has been as impactful and valuable in my life as Keith. Keith has a depth of understanding and exceptional business acumen that has allowed me to achieve the perspectives I needed to make the best career decisions. I believe I am a better leader and person today because of his guidance. I truly appreciate Keithís generosity of his time and talent and count him among the finest people Iíve ever met.

Margaret Woodard
Vice President Strategy and Business Development
Global Business Outsourcing Solutions


Keithís uncanny ability to pinpoint the exact positives and deltas in a person is what makes his advice so helpful. I found myself amazed at how attentive and perceptive he was when I listened to his assessments of me and my colleagues. His feedback was clear and concise and he communicated in way that was both direct and compassionate. In my opinion, Keith has found the happy medium in effective coaching: instruction that is specific to the individual and flexible for different stages of the career journey.

Kaseem Ladipo
Wealth Management


I had the pleasure of meeting Keith when he served as an Executive Speaker at some of the events I managed at Frost & Sullivan. Though I worked with several different speakers within all of the events I managed, something about Keith stuck out to me - and being at such an early stage of my career, I decided to approach him for some professional guidance.

That turned out to be one of the smartest moves I've ever made! Keith immediately took me under his wing and in the last couple of years, has helped me grow professionally and personally. Though most of the time I feel that he must have mind-reading capabilities, it's much more likely that he just has an amazing instinct and ability to read those around him. He's a great listener, and with such an extensive vault of experience and education to draw from, he is able to offer wisdom and guidance for any situation that may arise.

Keith has not only helped me achieve my short-term goals, he has helped me determine my long-terms goals, coached me in the art of communication, taught me how to focus and approach any challenges I may come across, and most importantly showed me the importance of being truly passionate about what I choose to invest my time and efforts into in life.

With Keith's guidance, I was able to not only transition to a new role in the next step of my career path, but also to lay some groundwork and really discover what I'm passionate about doing in the future. I'm honored to not only call him my professional mentor, but a dear, life-long friend. I'm confident that with Keith on my team, the possibilities are endless!

Tina Matthew
Project Manager
Healthcare Services


Keith has been instrumental in many of the decisions Iíve taken. He has consistently provided me with insight, frameworks, examples, and action items that have led me to turn many of my dreams into reality. Keithís guidance and encouragement have allowed me to think through my choices, and boldly and strategically make life changing decisions.

Vivianna Guerrero
Management Consultant
Kellog School of Management


Business school is a career cross roads for most and I was fortunate to meet Keith during this pivotal period of my professional journey. Keith helped influence my career in three meaningful ways

1) The leadership example, i.e. "I'd rather see a sermon". Keith leads and coaches others so effectively through his ability to show how he embodies a consistent of vision and the constant focus on effective working relationships. Whether Keith worked with our team on strategy sessions or provided feedback to us, he displayed his ability to clearly articulate the vision of our team and highlight how our team's interactions affected its performance because of the relational impact.

2) Guiding questions, i.e. "I need a compass not a map" - A key part of navigating and coaching is knowing when to just guide. When faced with an issue I would ask Keith for the answer and Keith often responded with an open ended question. The intent and benefit of this style was to allow me to push myself for the answer and explore the potential, instead of simply replying with an answer.

3) Passion to connect with me, i.e. "Care about me, I care what you say" - Often when we begin to question ourselves we need someone to listen and someone to care. Keith wanted to see me succeed and I wanted to listen to him because I knew he cared. Keith continues to provide unsolicited support even though he does not "have to". Feeling this support in my corner helps me remain passionate about my development and know he will always be a resource when I need it.

Billy Collins
Consumer Health Products


Keith has always been a valuable sounding board for me. For as long as I have known him I have benefitted not only from his business savvy advice but also his principal-centered approach to thinking through business issues.

Randy Kobat
General Management Executive
Business Services